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Tony Milillo Wall of Honor Recipients

Tony Milillo was one of the original members to join our association and was a charter member. Tony was a hardworking, dedicated member who made some outstanding contributions to our group. His experience, vast knowledge of gambling disorders, and presentations were extremely helpful to all of us in the gambling field. Tony died suddenly while attending a gambling conference out of state. In appreciation for his outstanding contributions and dedication to the gambling community, APTPG established the Tony Milillo award and every year APTPG presents this award to one of our members for the contributions that they made to our association.

2008 - Ray Ortiz

2009 - Jeff Beck

2010 - Marty Tashman

2011 - Al Gesregan

2012 - Brenda Pateman

2013 - Steve Block

2014 - Donna Frandsen

2015 - Don Weinbaum

2016 - Allan Wright

2017 - Gloria Block

2018 - George Mladenetz

2019 - Dana Lugassy

2020 - Fran Gizzi

2021 - Kevin O'Neill

2022 - Ken Litwak

2023 - Lisa Fobian