APTPG - Professionals Assembled to Address Clinical Issues and Treatment Solutions for Compulsive Gambling Problems


Welcome to the new APTPG website!  Please check back often, as we will be adding more information and features such as downloadable materials, and links to resources on gambling addiction.


NEW - APTPG will be posting one part of each week of a Five part series on the topic of: "Unresolved Gambling Treatment Issues".  Part 1 addresses the Crisis Stage of a gambling disorder. Part 2 deals with the role money plays in the life of an addicted gambler.  Part 3 discusses social and psychological losses that accompany abstinence, and Part 4 addresses grief associated with cessation of gambling.  The final part discusses the "magical thinking" of the compulsive gambler.


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Our next A.P.T.P.G. meeting is on July 8, 2017 at the New Jersey Law Center.  Ray Ortiz, J.D. will be presenting on: "Part II -  Consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences".